The Echo From Dealey Plaza by Abraham Bolden

Comments about The Echo From Dealey Plaza by Abraham W. Bolden

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Comments about The Echo From Dealey Plaza

An astonishing tale of
aborted justice.”

“A world of duplicitous charges
and disappearing documents fit
for a movie thriller.”
Publishers Weekly

“Excellent” —Library Journal

"Fascinating and indispensable."
Vince Palamara, leading civilian authority on the U.S. Secret Service

"Bolden suffered greatly at the hands of American jurisprudence, and his memoir helps set the record straight." - Washington Post 3/26/08

". . . he makes in what is a fascinating . . . personal account of an almost-forgotten piece of Chicago history seem almost impossible to believe." - Chicago Tribune

" . . . he's telling his story out of obligation to Kennedy . . . " - Chicago Sun-times

New Books: Six to Try
—Herald Tribune

"See Inside"
—Barnes & Noble

Bolden . .man of integrity who has paid an enormous personal price for speaking out then and now. He deserves to be heard
 . . . after all that he and his family endure, Bolden emerges years later undefeated. And that is what makes him a man admired. This is one heck of a story! 
What a story of shear guts and determination of a man who paid the price for speaking out against the Secret Service protection for President Kennedy.

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