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An excerpt from "Conspiracy Files: The JFK Assassination", Discovery Channel, 5/11/06

11/22/2007 ABC I-Team: Kennedy Assassination Thwarted Weeks Before His Death - interview by Chuck Goudie

This video is from CNN'sThe Situation Room, broadcast on November 23, 2007.

Hudson Valley Press Online: 4/16/2008 | Bolden's book offers clues into JFK's death

Hudson Valley Press Online : 5/14/2008 : Ed McCarthy | An Odyssey for Truth and Justice

The Oklahoman: 5/18/2008: Natasha Mitchell | Echo From Dealey Plaza' haunts former Secret Service man

Souther Political Report: 11/24/2007 : Gary Reese, Political Insider | New Revelations in Kennedy Assassination: Information over holiday weekend turns an old story in new directions

Tallahassee Democrat: 4/25/2008: Angeline J. Taylor | Bolden shares his JFK, Secret Service experiences with FAMU (Tallahasse, FL)

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Ask Not: The Kennedy Legacy: The American People Deserve To Know The Truth JFK Secret Service Agent Says

Former JFK Secret Service Agent Speaks Out in New Book

Eye on Chicago: 4/6/2008: Rob Johnson | A Historic Secret Service Agent

WorldNet Daily: Much About History: 11/22/2007 | JFK assassination plot uncovered in Chicago? Ex-Secret Service agent reveals tip caused president to change travel plans 3 weeks before Dallas shooting

Times Herald Record: 4/4/2008 | Former JFK Secret Service agent to speak at library (Newburgh, NY)

Politica Mundial: Primer agente negro del Servicio Secreto publica sus memorias Marzo 27, 2008

(Chile) Jueves 27 de Marzo del 2008 | Primer agente negro del Servicio Secreto publica sus memorias Estuvo en el equipo de seguridad de John F. Kennedy

Chicago Tribune: Books: By Maurice Possley: 3/29/2008 | A Chicago man's story "The Echo From Dealey Plaza" A former Secret Service agent's story of racism, lax security and injustice

Washington Post: Page C10: By Bruce Watson: 3/26/2008 | By Duty Bound, and Betrayed

Chicago Sun-Times: CHICAGO LIT: By Jeff Johnson: 3/23/08 | 'I've always had faith in justice' Secret Service agent convicted after JFK's death finally tells his side

Illinois Times Newspaper: By R.L. Nave: 3/20/08 | Echoes of injustice An Illinois author discusses his experiences in JFK's White House as the first black Secret Service agent

The Dallas Morning News: HISTORY: By Tom Dodge / Special Contributor: 3/16/08 | 'The Echo From Dealey Plaza' - Abraham Bolden shares behind-scenes look at JFK assassination Ugly tales from the first black agent By Chuck Goudie: 11/27/08 | Former agent says Kennedy assassination thwarted weeks before president's death

Daily Herald: By Chuck Goudie: 11/25/07 | From bathroom attendant to JFK-era whistle blower ABC7 Investigative Report: 11/21/07: Reported by Ron Majors | Kennedy Assassination Thwarted Weeks Before His Death CNN: By David Edwards: 11/25/07 | Ex-Secret Service agent reveals Chicago JFK plot

CNN: The Situation Room: 11/25/2007 | Ex-Secret Service agent reveals Chicago JFK plot (transcripts)

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